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Anian Modern Melton: Sustainable Wool Redesigned

Designed out of a desire to redefine sustainable clothing and inspired by Canada’s great outdoors, Anian Modern Melton turns old wool products into durable, versatile clothing. Founder and designer Paul Long wanted to create awareness around […]

ALDO Launches 1st Carbon Neutral Recycled Sneaker

ALDO introduced it’s first carbon-neutral, recycled sneaker! This sustainable shoe, RPPL (pronounced ripple), is created of recycled bottles and foam derived from lake algae. THE ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT In 2017 ALDO Group was the first footwear […]

Mayer Vafi Creates a ‘Better Narrative’ with Norden Project

In 2018, after 15 years of experience in the apparel business, Mayer Vafi wanted to create a ‘better narrative’ surrounding sustainable living. He wanted to create a company and a dialogue around ensuring a future […]

Aldo Signature Brand ‘Call It Spring’ Goes Vegan

The ALDO Group’s signature brand Call It Spring has joined a growing set of Canadian retailers that includes Matt & Nat, Wuxly Movement, Native and Nice Shoes, in offering fully vegan product lines. The buying […]

Sixofour Life Watches: Homegrown 604 Haute Horlogerie

When looking for comparisons to finely crafted timepieces, only luxury vehicles come close, so much so that collector Jay Leno was inspired to write a book on it. Leno likens it to “a patient art […]

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Fashion Friday: Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo

After all the runway lights have cooled off in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, the spotlight is on Tokyo to bring on the spicy to the forever hungry fashionista of the world. Japanese heavy-hitters […]