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IKEA Rolling Out Veggie Menu in UK and Canada

IKEA UK is calling upon furniture shoppers to try something new this winter, as they prepare to roll out a completely meat-free holiday menu for the first time ever. The Swedish retail giant is swapping […]

Harvest Community Foods Ushers in New Fall Flavours

Chinatown‘s Harvest Community Foods, known for their health-conscious sustainable fair, has brought a new range of house-made offerings to their shelves featuring something for every meal. HARVEST FOR BREAKFAST The first meal of the day […]

Bloom Cloud: The Luxury of Sleep

When Fortune Magazine quotes the World Health Organization with regards to the developed world’s sleep deficiency and calls it a public health epidemic, you should slow down and take pause. Sleep has become an elusive […]

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Dr Christopher Pavlou Brings Skin Technique to Yaletown

Known for his experience and artistry, Dr Christopher Pavlou is a Vancouver-based Aesthetic Physician with a mission and a message for all to ‘Honour Your Beauty.’ Last week, he and his team brought the city’s […]

10 Most Expensive Essential Oils in the World

Throughout history, gathering from nature and creating extractions for medicinal purposes has been a way humans have sought to cure themselves of ailments and illness. Essential oils, containing the aroma of a particular fruit or […]