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EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Miss CEO Innovates with YVRs 1st Waterless Nail Salon

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Miss CEO Innovates with YVRs 1st Waterless Nail Salon

Along Drake just off of Granville, a brand-new salon has been drawing in curious passersby. The large windows show a bright, modern interior. It is minimalist yet still inviting. However, it is not the interior that is attracting a crowd; it is the wording on the sandwich board outside: Miss CEO, waterless nail salon. While this is a baffling but exciting concept to most Vancouverites, owner Olga Chernega assures that going waterless is seen as best practice in Europe.

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Aside from the welcoming interior, the first thing you will notice upon stepping inside Miss CEO is the lack of pedicure basins. Here there will be no soaking your feet and for a good reason! The basins, which we have come to know as synonymous with pedicures, are difficult to disinfect. This increases the risk of infection from cross-contamination, including bacteria, fungi, and wart viruses. No basins and no water mean a safer, healthier pedicure experience.

After being offered a beverage and settling into a comfy recliner, the nail technician will spray your feet with a refreshing disinfectant mist and wipe them down with a warm towel. The key to a waterless pedicure is the pedicure machine. This small square appliance with a hose and nozzle shaves away dead skin while also vacuuming up the resulting dust for a mess-free process. First, a disposable coarse sandpaper-like bit is fixed to the nozzle. The bit spins at high velocity to file away the roughest skin. Next is a smoothing process completed with two easy to sanitize diamond bits, which will more gently file the skin to softness. Using the bits, as opposed to large files, means a more detailed pedicure and they are easier to use on cracked feet. At the end of the three-step process, your feet will look brand new! As the finishing touch, a lotion is applied to moisturize the skin. Go ahead, touch your feet. You will be amazed!


Miss CEO is the first waterless and non-toxic nail salon in Vancouver. On top of her salon’s unique pedicure method, all the products used are non-toxic. The polishes and products she stocks are all cruelty-free brands, such as Madam Glam and Ela + Mila. Miss CEO is a true haven to the lovers of good conscious beauty! Though Olga has only been in business for a few weeks, her salon is already drawing attention. Countless curious women have walked in off the street, fascinated by the claim of a waterless salon. From these first interested few came their friends, wanting to experience firsthand what all the ‘waterless’ fuss is all about.

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Born in Ukraine, Olga began doing nails as a child. Her mother, she shared, insists it must even be in her genes since her grandfather was a man who was fastidious in his nail care. Her earliest memory of doing nails was during a summer camp talent contest. While other kids chose to sing or dance, Olga gathered supplies and painted the judge’s nails. She adds while laughing, that she admits it was a difficult way do gain talent points. The next day though, the camp counsellors were asking her to do their nails again! When she grew up, Olga owned a salon in Ukraine and taught classes on manicure and pedicures. Upon arriving in Canada, she worked in already established locations but struggled to find the right fit for her. She wanted a better, more sanitary way to work on her clients. A year ago, the journey towards opening Miss CEO began!

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Miss CEO offers something new and exciting in the Vancouver beauty space. For those who find traditional products too irritating to those who prefer more eco-friendly, cruelty-free options, the right salon is here. Treat your feet to smoothness like they have never known before. Book your waterless pedicure online and visit them at 835 Drake Street, Vancouver.

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