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EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Vallea Lumina Brings Illumination to Cougar Mountain

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Vallea Lumina Brings Illumination to Cougar Mountain

The incredible Vallea Lumina has launched its first-ever winter journey on the gorgeous Cougar Mountain. The immersive adventure invites visitors to venture through the dark woods and step into an experience of ethereal enchantment.

view of vallea lumina in whistler
Surreal forest experience at Vallea Lumina | Image provided by Avenue PR

Created by global entertainment studio Moment Factory and powered by Whistler’s The Adventure Group, this dazzling multisensory experience blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, leaving each guest astonished, enlightened, and moved.

view of a tent in whistler
As the story unfolds at Vallea Lumina | Image by Helen Siwak
view of vallea lumina in whistler
A family watches as the shadows tell the story | Image provided by Avenue PR

The Winter Journey begins with a complimentary shuttle from Whistler Village to the snow-covered forests of Cougar Mountain. Upon arrival, guests embark on a breathtaking journey filled with spine-tickling soundscapes, shimmering lights, and delightfully detailed displays. A story unfolds of two hikers following the legend of a hidden valley where stardust falls from the sky, guests engage with the mystical surroundings.

view of vallea lumina in whistler
New layers are added to the narrative | Image by Helen Siwak

Guests are invited to cozy up at one of the many gas firepits with hot beverages and grab some snacks before entering the woods and when their journey is completed. The forest exploration lasts approximately 45-minutes; combined with transportation to and from the venue, guests should allow at least 1.5-hours for the entire experience.

A couple looks at the forest map
The circular journey begins and ends with hot chocolate | Image provided by Avenue PR
view of vallea lumina in whistler
Escape for a few hours into the Vallea Lumina wonderland | Image provided by Avenue PR

Vallea Lumina, the Winter Journey is now open, and will have showtimes nightly until April 2020. 

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit, or call 1.833.800.8480.

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