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IKEA Rolling Out Veggie Menu in UK and Canada

IKEA UK is calling upon furniture shoppers to try something new this winter, as they prepare to roll out a completely meat-free holiday menu for the first time ever. The Swedish retail giant is swapping […]

Bleau Beauty Harnesses the Ancient Ocean

When one considers the West Coast, the ocean immediately comes to mind. It’s only natural that it inspires us with it so close by. Bl’eau Beauty has taken that inspiration and turned it into vegan-friendly, […]

Graydon Skincare Channels the Power of Plants

Graydon Skincare takes the power of plants and turns it into luxurious products to nurture the skin. Their family of vegan products for the face, body, and even hair raise the bar for holistic self-care. […]

Harvest Community Foods Ushers in New Fall Flavours

Chinatown‘s Harvest Community Foods, known for their health-conscious sustainable fair, has brought a new range of house-made offerings to their shelves featuring something for every meal. HARVEST FOR BREAKFAST The first meal of the day […]

Vietnamese Restaurant Do Chay Saigon Launches Exciting Menu

Do Chay Saigon Vegetarian a new restaurant in Vancouver that opened its doors so quietly last month that it took loud word-of-mouth to make it one of the hottest spots to experience amazing flavourful plantbased […]

ALDO Launches 1st Carbon Neutral Recycled Sneaker

ALDO introduced it’s first carbon-neutral, recycled sneaker! This sustainable shoe, RPPL (pronounced ripple), is created of recycled bottles and foam derived from lake algae. THE ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT In 2017 ALDO Group was the first footwear […]