EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Fine Artist Miriam Aroeste Explores HUMO

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Fine Artist Miriam Aroeste Explores HUMO

Bold, bright, and full of meaning. The works of Miriam Aroeste invoke powerful emotions with unidentifiable shapes and bursts of colour. In her latest collection, Humo, the colours seem to move on the canvas, like drops of ink in water. Each bloom of colour could be a physical representation of human emotions, usually impossible to touch but always passionately felt.

humo by miriam aroeste


Born in Mexico City and spending her formative years as an artist in Paris and Rome, Miriam was inspired by influential artists of diverse backgrounds. She and her husband arrived in Canada 20 years ago. Her extensive artistic resume boasts exhibitions and shows across the US, Mexico, Canada, and France, as well as Manager of Art Sales and Rental at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

Miriam harbors many passions, making the constant conscious choice to enjoy life, “I love exploring, traveling, dancing, creating and so many other things,” she said, “I believe in love, and I find pleasure in very simple things.”

humo by miriam aroeste


Humo, meaning smoke in Spanish, is Miriam’s latest collection. Each piece invokes movement, floating across the canvas or rising from bottom to top like smoke in a breeze. Humo was born of a desire to play and experiment. Different mediums and techniques, coupled with her intense love of colour, brought each piece to life. Creating this series, she said involved control and letting go all at once.

“It is powerful by being immediate, in the moment, spontaneous. The story is always biographical, moments of life, fragments of memories, and presence.”

humo by miriam aroeste


Pursued by her intrigue in the power of colours, Miriam depicts authentic raw emotions in her works without the use of distinct traditional shapes. Colours, lines, and space work together to create endless possibilities.

To her, there is beauty and satisfaction to be found in the imperfect. While the observer is admiring Miriam’s work, each piece becomes an introspective mirror, directing the focus inwards to how we speak to ourselves and others to nurture bliss. Painting to her is an intimate and sensual process, but also akin to keeping a journal.

“My work has both abstract visual appeal as well as an underlying conceptual basis,” she said, “I am fascinated by the inner workings of the mind, conscious and unconscious thought, impulse and defense.”

humo by miriam aroeste


As an artist, Miriam always hopes that her work evokes personal narratives in its viewers. Each deeply personal range of emotions adds layers of meaning to each existing painting. Every time someone looks at a piece again, new meaning can be felt each time.

“I hope my work stirs, provokes, and evokes in highly personal, evolving ways, causing viewers to look, then look again and in the process, remain alive and relevant.”


For more information:

Miriam Aroeste Fine Art Studio
Suite 221 – 1000 Parker Street
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