EcoLux☆Lifestyle: IKEA Celebrates Bamboo for Beauty and Sustainability

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: IKEA Celebrates Bamboo for Beauty and Sustainability

It is time to rethink how we decorate. Plastic is a pollutant, wood does not regenerate fast enough, and particle board furniture hardly lasts, leading to more waste. This month IKEA is celebrating one of the most sustainable non-timber materials in existence: Bamboo! It is durable, flexible, and versatile, making it perfect for everything from storage to lighting.

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The Miracle of Bamboo

Bamboo is incredible. It is one of the fastest regenerating plants in existence, growing up to a metre per day in the right conditions. It comes in multiple varieties, and when left in its raw, natural colour, the unique colours and patterns in the bamboo mean that no two pieces of furniture are exactly alike. As a material, it is incredibly easy to clean. Simply wiping it down with warm water is all you need to extend the life of your furniture. When it comes to sturdiness, it is even comparable to traditional go-to’s such as wood and plastic.

“Bamboo is an extremely strong and flexible material which makes perfectly suitable and long-lasting for all type’s furniture ranging decorative accessories, to statement lighting, bathroom solutions and many more!” said Heena Saini, Commercial Public Relations Specialist at IKEA Canada.


Putting Bamboo into Practice

Decorating with bamboo is the essence of embracing sustainability and minimalism in the most beautiful way possible. The furniture and accessories made of this material effortlessly fuse both rustic and modern design sensibilities. Consider it like bringing a bit of the outdoors in; if the outdoors were a manicured garden with contemporary statues throughout it. A touch of bamboo in a room can completely change the atmosphere, especially when left unpainted to be enjoyed in its natural shades.

“With sustainability in mind, overall furnishing with bamboo and other natural materials is about creating joy in our spaces with a conscious mindset,” Heena said, “whether you live in the city or countryside – it’s all about adding a touch of coziness with a wabi-sabi attitude.”

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Bamboo at IKEA

Whether your goal is to add touches of zen throughout your space or take a bolder route, IKEA has bamboo products to suit your needs. Lighting plays a vital role in creating the mood in a room. The Sinngerig pendant lamp provides a soft, warm glow diffuses around the room. Is your vanity in a state of chaos? Tame the disarray with the Dragan box set. No more digging through drawers of products for the single hair tie you know is hidden somewhere at the bottom. The latest addition to the IKEA bamboo family is the Nordkisa open wardrobe. Are you a fan of the capsule closet trend of paring down your wardrobe to crucial pieces? This sleek minimalist wardrobe is for you! Display your carefully chosen articles of clothing and accessories with the open format and slatted doors.

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Positive Design

It is time to decorate our spaces more sustainably. The origins of what we buy as well as how long they will last and what effect they will have when we eventually dispose of them need to be top of mind. Bamboo is not only a sustainable, regenerative material, it is also long-lasting and will eventually biodegrade. It’s natural and unique beauty makes it perfect for tying together any space.

Heena says: “At IKEA, we’re all about embracing trends that encompass sustainability, especially when it comes to furnishing spaces that are functional, beautiful, all while being affordably priced.”

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