EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Obakki Launches New Artisan Collections

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Obakki Launches New Artisan Collections

Vancouver-based designer boutique Obakki is making waves with its recent shift to homewares and lifestyle products in addition to its existing ready-to-wear apparel collection. The brand remains as committed to ethical products as ever – but this move represents a greater focus on Indigenous artisan groups worldwide by founder Treana Peake.

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Treana Peake, founder of Obakki, in Africa with an artisan | @obakki

This includes their debut collection of Kenyan brass jewelry and pottery from the Oaxaca Pottery Collective in Mexico.

This exciting shift is underpinned by the concept of Intentional Livingthe action of slowing down and being mindful of purchasing decisions, ensuring that they are rooted in beliefs and values, and above all, in quality. Obakki is a response to modern throwaway culture, and they want to empower the modern conscious consumer to bring this message with them wherever they shop.

The company develops these ideals through their Obakki Foundation, which supports clean water, education, and other people-driven projects in Africa.

From a Blacksmith in Nairobi

The Kenya brass collection is constructed entirely of up-cycled brass, ranging from discarded taps to padlocks and old coins in the ultimate display of sustainability.

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The collection comes from a Nairobi artisanal co-op manned by their blacksmithing partner Sylvester, who has carried on his family’s legacy in the trade. He runs his workshop with experienced hands and simple tools and aspires to open a training centre to teach blacksmithing to local underprivileged youth.

The collection offers plenty of options for the design-conscious shopper. Their line of earrings has been delicately crafted to form tiny crescent moons, paper-thin geometric designs, and used alongside other recycled materials.

Their rings show off their true uniqueness, with embellishments from a hammered finish showing through and contrast-heavy designs.

This isn’t the only Kenyan collection on display at Obakki; they also feature woven sisal fibre baskets by women in the Kitui region of the country. The country continues to be a source of incredible design for Obakki,

Craftsmanship Born By Fire

The next collection unveiled by the boutique comes from Mexico’s Oaxaca region, where artisans from over 70 pottery communities have produced an entire line of products that encompass everything that there is to love about slow design.

The practical pieces range from red clay dessert plates to rustic splattered jars and pitchers.

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The eclectic hand-thrown Coyotepec Vase looks at home in any design showroom, yet retains the organic shape of a practical handmade heirloom. Each artisan uses a unique mixture of earthen materials to form their personal imprint on each piece, as has been done in the region for hundreds of years.

Intentional Living for All

Obakki’s most recent collections are currently available exclusively for online orders. Their most recent additions bolster their strong product lineup, including Japanese candles and brass, apparel, and a wide range of artisanal home goods. A walk through Obakki is a treat for your curiosity and a vote of support for ethical manufacturing.


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