Ember Wellness: Amanda Schuler’s Back-to-Basics Approach to Beauty

Ember Wellness: Amanda Schuler’s Back-to-Basics Approach to Beauty

With a desire to bring simplicity back to skincare, Amanda Schuler founded Ember Wellness. Her passion created a clean, compassionate and inclusive brand that seeks to be the best for the planet and its people. She recognized that effective skincare required good quality and ethically sourced ingredients and that thriving skin was a result of nature doing its work.

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As an innovator and wellness enthusiast at heart, she created Ember Wellness to be a reliable go-to brand that represents women throughout all stages of their lives. Each product is crafted with no fillers or added water and honours the skin’s natural barrier. The company is sustainable, cruelty-free, and designed with you and your daily routine in mind.

Before founding Ember, during her own search for clean beauty products, Amanda was surprised how so many ‘clean’ skincare products had upwards of 15-50 ingredients. This did not seem right and was ultimately what inspired Ember’s own line; a back-to-basics approach where each product contains a minimal amount of ingredients, each of which is exactly what is needed.

Using Oil to Fight Oil

ember wellness, amanda schuler, face sprays, essential oils, giovanna lazzarini, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle.co

The brand offers facial oils, hydrating botanical waters, facial sculpting and exfoliating tools, as well as an at-home red light therapy mask. Whether it be in the summer months or whenever you need a refreshing skin boost, a facial spray comes in handy. Each hydrating flower spray from Ember is suited for a different skin type or concern and matched to a facial oil of the same number. Explore the brand’s hydrosol collection and find the perfect one for your skin type.


amanda schuler, face sprays, essential oils, giovanna lazzarini, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle.co

01 / Calendula

This hydrating calendula flower water is suitable for sensitive skin, teen and acne-prone skin. Crafted via water-steam distillation of the fresh flowers of the Calendula officinalis plant, this pure and natural calendula hydrosol is a soothing, mildly sweet and floral mist that will please your senses. This herb was long valued by the ancient Egyptians for rejuvenating properties, and it is said to encourage cheerfulness in addition to acting as a natural toner. Sourced sustainably from the USA. Lab tested for identity, potency, purity and oxidation, each spray is guaranteed to be the most efficacious derivative. Apply to the face, neck and décolletage, or mix with any oil for optimal hydration, smoothing and softening.

02 / Rose Otto

This 100% Rose Otto flower water, obtained from the fresh flowers of the Rose Otto shrub, is ideal for use on balanced skin. Its sweet candy-like aroma is captivating without being overpowering. Use it to soothe and calm any skin sensitives or redness refresh, hydrate, and as a natural toner by applying topically. Sustainably sourced from Bulgaria.

03 / Frankincense

Unify and rehydrate with the subtle, spicy aroma of 100% frankincense floral water sustainably sourced from India. Suited for mature skin, this hydrosol assists in firming and balancing, while also controlling oil production. Its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties are useful for treating irritation and redness

04 / Mandarin

This flower water is made from the distilled essence of mandarin fruit peels and is suited specifically for dry skin. It is known for its soothing and rejuvenating properties which promote relaxation and calm the nervous system. As a result, both skin and mind are blissful and radiant. As with the other sprays, it can be used as a toner if applied topically. Sustainably sourced from India.

05 / Kewra Water

Suited for oily and acne-prone skin, this Kewra water spray is made through distilling water from pandanus flowers, sourced from abundant shrubs on the coastlines of India. It is especially known for its delicate and fruity scent, as well as its healing properties.

Conscious Beauty & Free-From

Ember Wellness strives to be completely transparent about where its ingredients are made and harvested. The raw argan oil used in the products is sourced from a women’s cooperative that works within a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, ensuring the protection and reforestation of argan trees as well as supporting the social and economic welfare of the women involved.

All packaging is recyclable and uses only what is necessary to house the product and nothing more. They avoid excess lamination, inks, and inserts (where possible) that are difficult to recycle. All shipping boxes including shipping inserts and fill are 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

Keeping the formulations simple meant keeping out all the harsh chemicals that Amanda wanted to remove from the beauty process. Ember Wellness products are free-from parabens, fragrance, triclosan, SLS, formaldehyde, and many more.

Brick and Mortar in Toronto

amanda schuler, face sprays, essential oils, giovanna lazzarini, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle.co

For those living in or visiting Toronto, drop into Ember Wellness at 740 Queen Street West. Ask about their Terracycle recycling option for glass bottles!

amanda schuler, face sprays, essential oils, giovanna lazzarini, helen siwak, ecoluxlifestyle.co

Learn more about Ember Wellness on their Instagram here!

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