EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Judith & Charles Leave Pacific Centre for Granville

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: Judith & Charles Leave Pacific Centre for Granville

Judith & Charles brought its unique client experience to a new and exciting downtown setting when they opened a new store at 640 Granville Street this week.

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Laid out over 2293-square-feet, the location opened on May 1st and reflects Granville’s distinct character and architectural elements.  Clients walk into an experience that embodies Judith & Charles’ time-honoured vow to offer women style and comfort they can count on season after season.

Co-Owner Charles Le Pierrès sharing pictures of boys at Charlie’s Foundation | Image by Helen Siwak

“With its high-end boutiques and flourishing business, Granville is one of Vancouver’s most important retail areas and a natural setting for Judith & Charles” said Charles Le Pierrès, president.  “With this new venue we intend to strengthen the positioning of our brand in Vancouver and maintain our commitment to building upon elegant and accessible creations and immaculate service.”

Embodying Judith & Charles’ upscale experience, this new store promotes fashion and art in a gallery-like setting. The interior adheres to the brand’s ‘less is more’ aesthetic and showcases clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral palette. The Granville location will provide an ideal canvas to highlight each new collection.

Strong women are the focus of the photography installation | Images by Helen Siwak

Exhibition of Umemoto Sculptures

David Umemoto is a Montreal-based artist creating sculptures and other architectural pieces inspired by archaism. Umemoto follows a slow and steady process in order to imitate the cycles of nature. A selection of his sculptures are influenced by geology & the repercussions of time & weather with a focus on minimalism.

Umemoto’s art is unique and offers movement, leaving room for adaptability and spontaneous inspiration. However, each piece is carefully handmade and crafted with durable materials, presenting longevity and timelessness.

The exhibition will be held until August 2018. Fifty percent of each sale will go towards Charlie’s Foundation, an initiative launched in 2015 by the Le Pierrès. The foundation is a non-profit organization that teaches Dominican youth the English language, connecting them with the wider world and improving their future career prospects. The method combines English lessons with tennis instruction, as sports have the power to motivate, challenge and inspire.


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