#SusanCooksVegan: Beautiful Vegan Rainbow Carrot Salad

#SusanCooksVegan: Beautiful Vegan Rainbow Carrot Salad

Deliciousness couldn’t be any simpler! This Beautiful Vegan Rainbow Carrot Salad turns the humble carrot into edible art. The colours are show-stoppers! Beautiful hues of white, orange, yellow, magenta, purple and green tossed with a bright lemon vinaigrette.

A Rainbow Carrot Salad created by Susan Pratt of SusanCooksVegan and shared in lifestyle magazine EcoLuxLifestyle.co by EIC Helen Siwak

Adore the Humble Carrot

Use a vegetable peeler to make beautiful carrot ribbons and toss them with a lemon vinaigrette and rosemary, top with toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds, cashew ricotta, microgreens and edible flowers. You have just created a raw, vegan, gluten-free salad that will please everyone’s palettes. Cashew ricotta cheese, toasted pine nuts, pomegranate seeds and microgreen balance the sweetness of the carrots perfectly.

A Rainbow Carrot Salad created by Susan Pratt of SusanCooksVegan and shared in lifestyle magazine EcoLuxLifestyle.co by EIC Helen Siwak

If you cannot find rainbow carrots for this recipe it is alright to use regular orange carrot – it will taste just as delicious. All are rich in different antioxidants, high levels of beta-carotene, and are important for healthy vision. Purple carrots are packed with anthocyanins, which may prevent heart disease.

Beautiful Vegan Rainbow Carrot Salad

Prep time: 40-minutes / Total Time: 40-minutes / 4-6 Servings / > 500 Calories


6 large rainbow carrots, peeled
1/4 cup pine nuts
1/4 cup cashew ricotta
1/4 cup pomegranate seeds
1 tsp chopped fresh rosemary
Microgreens and edible flowers to garnish
4 tbsp or to taste of Lemon Vinaigrette

Instructions / Beautiful Rainbow Carrot Salad

  • Use a vegetable peeler, mandolin or handheld slicer to make carrot ribbons of various sizes and lengths.
  • Place ribbons in a bowl and toss with 4 tbsp (or more) of Lemon Vinaigrette and fresh rosemary. Taste is best if left to sit for 30-minutes.
  • Meanwhile, heat a large skillet on medium heat. Place the pine nuts in the pan and stir frequently for a few minutes or until fragrant and lightly toasted. Remove the nuts from the pan and set them aside in a small bowl.
  • Place carrots on a serving plate or platter. Top with dollops of cashew ricotta and sprinkle on pine nuts and pomegranate seeds. Garnish with microgreens and edible flowers.

Serve as an appetizer or make it a main dish by adding some crispy baked tofu like the one I use in this recipe. If you are serving this your little ones add a handful of chickpeas or black beans for extra protein.

Next week? Black Bean Enchiladas!

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Susan Pratt, SusanCooksVegan
Susan Pratt, SusanCooksVegan
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