EcoLux☆Lifestyle: From Sparkly Heels to Uber-Warm Boots, ‘Call it Spring’ Launches Holiday Collection

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: From Sparkly Heels to Uber-Warm Boots, ‘Call it Spring’ Launches Holiday Collection
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Hot on the heels of the brand’s October ‘Kindness Fund Initiative’ announcement and fall collection release, vegan footwear company Call it Spring has launched a new winter footwear Holiday Collection. Crafted with sustainable and vegan materials, the latest collection has a range of items including gloves, scarves, and jewellery.

Enjoy Call it Springs top picks for holiday kicks!


These trendy slip-on boots feature a glossy synthetic upper, side elastics and chunky sole, which will pair well with your denim or leggings.


If your holiday plans include spending time in the snow close to home, these winter weather favourites are a clear choice. The boots have a thick rubber sole, thermal insulation (so you can spend even more time in your winter wonderland), and a waterproof design.


Every chic winter closet needs a pair of knee-high boots! These go well with skinny jeans and an oversized chunky sweater.


These incredibly stylish rhinestone-studded heels will give your holiday outfit a dose of glam.


These soft pink pumps have a bedazzled ankle strap and a pointed toe that adds an air of luxury. In the holidays, there isn’t anything wrong with being all dressed up with nowhere to go!


These sixties-inspired pumps are elegant, understated and would look great in holiday pictures or twirling in a holiday-themed Tiktok!


This elegant high heel is fit for the next virtual gala or a virtual happy hour with friends. Whenever you get the next chance to show off in front of a crowd, you will be ready with these sophisticated stilettos.


This loafer gives a sense of playful luxury to your outfit. The small heel and chic buckle are modern, yet the velvety smooth top gives it a timeless look.


These oxfords are so versatile that you might struggle to find reasons not to wear them. They pair well with cuffed denim and a wool sweater, or a full suit.


This clutch lives up to its name. Its kiss-lock closure and chic metal plating pair well with your favourite winter outfit.


Let’s face it. Even if most of your time is spent within the walls of home lately, you still need to stay warm gracefully when you leave the house to run errands. These classic, sleek black gloves fit the bill.

Shop in-store, order online, or buy a gift certificate and let your friend chose what works for them! Call It Spring has a wide selection of vegan footwear, accessories, and jewellery, created without harming animals!



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Helen Siwak - EcoFriendly Lifestyle Consultant
Helen Siwak - EcoFriendly Lifestyle Consultant
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