EcoLux☆Lifestyle: IKEA October Collection is Dark & Dreamy

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: IKEA October Collection is Dark & Dreamy
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IKEA Canada has released their October Collection, an array of sustainably-made autumnal hues that will leave you satisfied with staying indoors – even if the weather hasn’t dipped to cold and dreary quite yet.

This product line includes collaborations with the Jordan River Foundation and baskets made from a fast-growing Southeast Asian natural material called Nipa palm stock fibre, which IKEA the first global retailer to use in its products. The brand continues to trot out sustainably-produced products, looking to untouched materials and manufacturing methods to do so.

Sustainable Construction with LUSTIGKURRE

The Nipa palm stalk fibre is an innovative material used by IKEA in its newest line. Found in several baskets and a magazine stand, the Nipa palm is a soft fibrous plant with leaves traditionally used for thatching roofs. Traditionally the stalks are left for waste, but now Nipa palm farmers can sell them as a weaving material to earn additional income. The palms are fast-growing and naturally protect the soil from saltwater intrusion.

This plant has incredible potential as a material for homewares and an economic engine for small producers in Asia, and it pulls together a room when used for storage or decoration.


A short-term collection of products inspired by iconic 17th-century painters rounds out the October releases for 2020.

DEKORERA is a charming collection inspired by Dutch greats like Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Hals. Evoking playful scenes, shadowy corners, and the ever-evolving patterns of the era, the collection includes cushion covers, rugs, glassware, and dining accessories.

Patterns to Stay Home With

The company’s fall offerings feature neutral hues, subdued greys, rustic reds and textured patterns heavily. This is shown with the jacquard floral pattern of the ÅLANDSROT cushion cover, featuring a design plucked from a textile museum in Mulhouse, France.

Another excellent example is the TILLTANDE cushion cover. This piece displays a hand-embroidered camel and palm tree pattern, made possible by the Jordan River Foundation’s social entrepreneurship program for female artisans in Jordan and Syria.

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New lighting for October – glass or fabric | @ikeacanada

These pieces will be steady homebound companions as the nights lengthen, and can do double duty for entertaining your personal bubble when the holidays arrive. Shop the collection online or at Vancouver’s IKEA locations in Coquitlam and Richmond.


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Helen Siwak - EcoFriendly Lifestyle Consultant
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