EcoLux☆Lifestyle: The Body Shop Launches Ecofriendly Concept Store

EcoLux☆Lifestyle: The Body Shop Launches Ecofriendly Concept Store

The Body Shop is, without a doubt, a one-stop-shop for all your cruelty-free body care needs. Stepping foot into one of their stores is a delight to the senses as well as the mind. They always have a cause, such as their ongoing campaign to end animal testing, which to date has garnered over 8 million signatures globally. This month, the brand has decided to take good conscious shopping to the next level with the opening of its unique concept store in Vancouver!

The Body Shop Transformed

The Body Shop has wholly transformed their Downtown Vancouver Pacific Centre store to be ecofriendly right down to how their fixtures. Their materials come from a variety of sources. All are recycled or easily recyclable at the end of their lifetime. This results in a small environmental footprint. In this unique shop, you will find plank tabletops of recycled wood, a zinc façade material that can be recycled indefinitely, recycled plastic worktop surfaces and more. The entire store can be disassembled and recycled as needed.

“Store fixtures are mechanically joined to avoid glues so they can be readily disassembled at the end of this lifecycle,” explains Hilary Lloyd, VP of Marketing and Responsibility for The Body Shop North America.

Reduce, Refill, and Recycle

When you think of The Body Shop, classic scents like British rose, Shea, Pink Grapefruit, Almond Milk & Honey, Satsuma, and Coconut come to mind. You can now get these shower gel favourites without the guilt of a plastic container. The brand-new shower gel refill program finds these scents on tap available to purchase with a refillable aluminum bottle.

“We are undergoing a huge review of all our packaging and starting with the areas where we feel we can make the biggest impact on the environment and people, for example, launching Community Trade recycled plastic,” says Lloyd. “We are, of course, continually reviewing every possible way we can reduce the amount of packaging we use!”

This revamped store will also continue the Return, Recycle, Repeat program in partnership with Terracycle. This take on the 3-Rs encourages consumers to return their empties of all kinds in exchange for purchase vouchers. Trade-in your plastic for a voucher and use it toward a new aluminum bottle!

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The Body Shop Activist

The Body Shop is no stranger to activism. Their global petition against animal testing received an astonishing number of signatures. The redesigned location is home to an activism corner, where shoppers can learn about the brand’s activist roots, as well as campaigns for social change. These will vary from gender equality to animal testing.

“We plan to host events and educational workshops within our new Pacific Centre store. We are hoping to work with local wellness and lifestyle educators,” Lloyd said.

For the Conscientious Shopper

The Body Shop has taken its core values and incorporated them into every possible aspect of their store. This concept store, where people can play with products as well as learn about issues, is the dream of any conscious beauty shopper. Get involved and get your body wash fix a new greener way at the Pacific Centre Body Shop location.

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